Chill fridays

So tonight is a night where I just do my hair and chill at home. I have Saturday and Sunday plans, so tonight, no questions asked, it’s K time!

As I mentioned, I’m going to do my hair by dying my locs black. Some months ago I dyed the tips light brown, but now it’s back to black baby, until I pick a new colour.

What I’m going to do is quite similar to this beautiful youtuber:

While my hair is processing I’m going to sit and eat leftover brown stew chicken and rice and watch How to Get Away with Murder.

Here’s an awesome Jamaican brown stew chicken recipe if you are so inclined to try:

After that, I’ll probably wash my hair own and style my hair with curls while I talk to my cutest cutest cutest friend and see what she’s up to, if I’m able to get her on the phone.

(Yeah, I’m talking about you) 🙂

This is what I want for the outcome (surprise, this is actually my own video!):

After that – PRAY & SLEEP! :). I’ll prolly put my podcast on and fall asleep listening to it. Gotta be up by 8am 🙂

Podcasts I enjoy are here:

That’s my chill Friday!! How do you plan to spend your Friday / how did you spend your Friday?


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