Bonding over Mancala


Third grade. Mancala. With the classmates.

Game day! All Day! Every day!

I wished.

It only happened once a month maybe.

Mancala was introduced to me in third grade as a way to bond with our older classmates, the 6th grader.

It was THE GAME.

Bring it on!

We couldn’t afford board games or Mancala at home, but we were able to make our own Mancala with an egg carton, and beans.

My mom had a garden and every year she would gather the beans and dry them outside for next year harvest. We would take them and use it for Mancala and play it at school during recess.

It was so fun.


It was the simplest game.

I was always excited to count the beans at the end and see if I won.


You should have game nights with your siblings or friends to re-bond and reconnected to the good old days.

Here is how you play Mancala.

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