Seoul, South Korea


The land of where all the dramas in my life started.

My addiction and obsession over Korea all started with Korean dramas. I have been watching Korean movies and drama ever since I was middle school and one of the most memorable dramas was WINTER SONATA. This drama was indeed very heart breaking but it was one that really encouraged me to watch more. There are some really good ones nowadays, definitely check them out on if you want to start a drama today. While living abroad I got a chance to visit South Korea and the island where this drama was filmed. It was magical.

Seoul is a beautiful city, with fast internet, clean and convenient transportation systems, and friendly people. I remember huddling near one of university watching college students perform music to taking a stroll near the shopping center with night street food and freezing in the middle of December.

Last year I got a chance to visit Korea with one of my Korean friends, and it was nice to relax, and experience Korea not as a tourist of a friend of the country. Korea was warm in the summer, with big clouds and some days just straight up blue sky. It felt nice to be fashionable, eat ice cream, and chill with my friend and her family.

I can’t wait to go back to Korea as there is always some place to explore.

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