30 day Reflection

Today ends my 30 days of eating no dairy, no meat, and as organically as possible. So I was able to eat fish and eggs and regular carbs, but no chicken or red meat, no foods that are a byproduct of milk (yogurt, ice cream etc)

Why the diet change?

The main reason why I changed my diet for the past 30 days was to address a health issue I’ve been dealing since August 2015. Although I did not get the results I was looking for (the health issue still persists) I did have a few benefits:


  1. Lost 3lbs (not a lot, but the purpose was not to lose weight)
  2. Clearer skin
  3. Lost belly fat (maybe an inch)
  4. Explore different types of foods
  5. Became conscious of where my food is coming from
  6. Made lifelong changes to some of the things I am putting in my body


Comparison to what I’ve done in the past: The Daniel Fast

From 2010 to 2014, the first 3 weeks of the new year, I’ve done the Daniel Fast with the church I went to in college (Christian Life Center). This is a very strict vegetable fast. What I have done in the past 30 days was not as challenging the Daniel Fast can be, but I’ve seen some benefits.

What I’ve done in the past 30 days was a diet change and not a spiritual fast like the Daniel Fast. I feel that had I brought in elements to improve my spiritual growth, I would have seen some spiritual benefits as well just like the Daniel fast. With the Daniel fast, the first few days were rough, but after a week I was very energetic, did not feel fatigued, had clear skin. I also lost weight, which I didn’t like at the time because I wanted to gain. But, more importantly, I was more intune with my beliefs and my walk with God.

I think the next time I should do something like this, I’ll do the Daniel fast, not only for physical health benefits but spiritual as well.

So what happens now?

Well for now, I think I will include meats back into my diet – but only organically grown meat, and only chicken, fish and eggs – for now. I will continue to stay away from dairy, at least for a little bit. I know there is organic milk and organic cheese out there, but perhaps I’ll make that change in a few weeks, we’ll see. I’ll continue to take a few new things that I’ve introduced into my diet such as:

  1. Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Iron and Fish oil (power vitamins for women, especially those with menstruation issues)
  2. Cooking with coconut oil!
  3. Woodroot tonic


All of this makes me miss Jamaica though, where eating organically isn’t even a ‘thing’, it’s naturally something that we do. Back home we eat alot of fish – parrot, snapper, salt fish, mackerel which are locally caught and prepared, meat is also local meat from the streetside butcher or at the back of Mr Chin shop. At the streetside market it’s all locally grown veges, fruits and seasonings …. such a simpler life which I feel I took for granted. For my whole childhood I don’t remember having any major health issues (aside from a chest infection in 1997), never took any pills for anything serious, never even took supplemental pills. I miss that 🙂 and I look forward to going back home when the time comes! 🙂




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