30 day Reflection

Thirty days of blogging sure were challenging but I learn a lot through this journey. Reflecting on my stories, who I came to be, understand my philosophies, and challenge my present was all a part of this journey. The start of the 30-day challenge was simply to motivate and inspire me and others. And I hope MotiSpire will continue to brighten others’ day.

One biggest takeaway from this month was that I had set expectations for myself. I had many other challenges as well. I realized two weeks in that I can’ do all of them. I managed to balance work, school, and life and still did my very best attempt. I failed in some but achieved in most, I learn not all the task have to be completed, but the effort in starting, the thoughts of taking actions and what can truly make a better me was to reflect, evaluate and develop a content piece of mind.

Each day was targeted toward the different topic, ideas, and themed. What challenged me the most was throwback Thursday. It is the hard to write because it was stories of my childhood, and how it keeps it grounded. Thursdays are writings about how life used to be, and how it had changed. It reminded me of what I use to have and what I actually have now. Definitely, my favorite day to blog was travel Tuesday because I love to travel and see more places. I want to share my stories of where I been and how it helps me grow.

It was rewarding to blog with the amazing Kay this month and we would look to continue blogging. We welcome guest bloggers and love to share your blog post as well.

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