“I’m going to be a nurse!” I told my mother. She was often sick and I had to take care of her. I knew I wanted to be a nurse, although my mother discourages me because she knew I was not doing it for me, but because I had planned my future for her. An everyday school was my world. I loved school so much, that missing a day of school; I would feel like I missed a year of school. Even when I was super sick, I would lie to my mother, and still go to school, acting as if I was tough. This shows how much I love to learn and how much I wanted to go to school. My mother always tells me this story because she knew I put my education first.

Growing up, I never understood what it means to go to college though. My life was always full of family responsibilities, and the expectation that you will get married, and even when we were young, culturally I was taught how to behave, how to cook, how to sew, how to be a “traditional Hmong women. But little did I know I was going to transform. Someone had talked to me about going to college, mentor me, push me, challenge me and finally help me go to college. I am still very thankful for him today because, without him, I would not have been the “me” today.

College, on the other hand, transformed my life into something else. My passion for international relations grew and I decided to study the relationships between East Asia and the US, and understand politics and why culture matters, why business matter and why study at all.

My life is always transforming and each year I reflect back to how much I have grown, learn, and how much further I can go. I wanted to be a nurse, but with time, exploration, and experience, I wanted to be something else.

“A person can transform, a situation can transform, even the planet can transform. Never lose hope. Under the proper conditions of love, faith, and belief, transformation is quite possible.” Facebook


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