The King and Blackwood

This is a dream I had put up on my dream blog from December 2011. In this dream blog I have stored 2 years worth of dreams.


I went somewhere. It was a dark place, only a few lamps here and there. When I went, I became the life of the party. Because people were happy, laughing and having fun. I remember a boy lifting be up in the air as we imitated ballet. People watched us in a circle clapping and laughing. The King and his wife were there too having fun. He apparently wanted to marry me but I refused. He started to leave in a huff and his wife was upset with me because the King liked me. I got to his carriage before he left, outside looked like a forrest. I explained to him and his wife about why I cant marry him, I spoke to them and they left with smiles on their faces. The same boy who lifted me up, I don’t know who he was but he was black and wore glasses. he took me to another dark looking place and I saw Matthew Blackwood eating. I greeted him, but he was sweaty when I leaned in for a hug. I asked him where he got the food from. he said behind him for JMD$70 in a box white every meat plus rice and peas and vegetable. (So, I guess I was in Jamaica). I went in to get food, I couldn’t believe it was so cheap, no lines! But the man took a while to give me my food. I grew impatient.

This is the interpretation I gave myself that day:

Haha, this seems like a fun dream. I dont think there is any particular meaning attached to this, unless its refering to the necessity of handling sticky situations in a time where you can easy be lost or misguided (represented by the forest)
I think it might be saying that Jesus calls me to be a great light in darkness that will bring about change in people. That when I speak to people. That when I speak to people, they will feel better, that I will bring joy into people’s lives. Don’t rundown things of the earth to satisfy your carnality, learn to be patient.


It’s interesting to see what my mindset was like back then. I think it was the beginning of that year I started having regular dreams, probably two or three a week. By the time 2013 came around I think I was having them more often. I like to look back at my old dreams because I think there is so much to learn from them, and it really tells what I was going through/what perspective I had at the time. Now that I look back, I think I’d have interpreted it a bit differently.

I remember at this time I felt like I knew myself very well spiritually, but still unsure. I was very confident though. And broke. And just going through my second winter ever and didn’t like it. Dreaming made me very happy, and it still does now. Haha. Good times.

Now I feel like doing a post on dreams and dream interpretation.

How often do you dream and do you record it?

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