How to attract the things you want in life

 It all starts in the mind.

Our thoughts are subconsciously reflected in our facial expressions, body language, word usage and tone of voice whether you like it or not. Together, this forms an attitude. Sometimes it’s subtle/vague, sometimes it’s obvious.

Remember, you cannot lie to yourself. Deep down you know the truth. And if your truth is full of negatives, your actions will be, whether you are aware of it or not. The energy you put out there is the very same energy you will receive.

Let’s take some examples.

If you want money, you will think and focus your energy on money. A positive thought would be “yes, I will get money”, which leads to an attitude of expectancy all the time. Expectant attitudes come with a sense of openness, which means you are more likely to jump at opportunities, talk to different people for perspectives on that. Even in some cases, by communicating with others, they can “sense” that expectancy, consciously or unconsciously and somehow decide to help you.

If you want to pass an exam, the right thought is “yes, of course I’ll pass”. When that becomes the only option, leaving no room for negativity, the attitude becomes one that is completely focused on figuring out what will be on the exam and how to master it. So, subconsciously or consciously, you may feel a pressing need  go to the library instead of the movies, or have the courage to ask a friend for help who you know knows the material.

Our minds are amazing and adaptable, and can do so much more than we could ever imagine ourselves doing. 
When something you want becomes a DESPERATE CHOICE, meaning that’s the ONLY choice no matter what, your mind and body will align itself accordingly to accomplish just that. It’s similar to when you immediately start running when there’s a mad dog chasing frantically after you, there’s no other choice but to run. If there is room for fear and judgment and negativity and doubt….like thinking “the dog is chasing me, should I run?”…. Well… At that point your mind and body doesn’t know what to do and before you know it, you missed your opportunity and the dog is already grabbing your leg.

Don’t let fear and negativity make you miss out on what you want to achieve. Make what you want a desperate choice and focus your thoughts and energies on it, then the rest is taken care of.

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