Guest Blogger: The Jar of Inspiration

YES YES YES! Today’s post is featuring our second guest blogger Jaclyn, who wrote a piece titled the Jar of Inspiration.

The summer before my Junior year of college, my view of myself changed. I had been accepted to attend a leadership retreat with my peers, and it was at this retreat that I was challenged to really reflect on the vision I had for my future and what kind of impact I wanted to leave on the world.

Prior to this leadership retreat, I often felt reserved about my passion for social just issues-especially gender equality and the rights of women. I felt that people wouldn’t take me seriously if I told them I wanted to pursue international gender justice as a career. I always thought that I would have some profession then I could pursue my social justice interests outside of work through volunteering, continuing to educate myself, etc. But when I was being led through activities that forced me to evaluate my values and goals, I realized it doesn’t matter what people think. I want to make a positive impact on this world, and the only thing that was stopping me was myself.

It took me being in a positive space surrounded by like-minded peers to come to this realization. And upon my return, I wanted to create something that would help keep me motivated once the ‘retreat high’ faded away. I decided to make a Jar of Inspiration. In this jar, I placed the positive affirmations from my peers at the leadership retreat, some of my favorite Bible verses, and some of my favorite motivational quotes. Whenever I get discouraged or start to feel apathetic, I’ll reach into the jar and pull out a few of the slips of paper to remind myself to keep going-keep pushing toward my dreams.

One such quote is:

“If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives” –Lemony Snicket

It will never be a perfect time, and you may never feel ready, so don’t wait. Now is the time to start chasing your dreams. What kind of impact do you want to make in this world?


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