Things I thought were true when I was a kid

These are kind of silly, but I really believed it was true when I was a kid.

Growing up Hmong, we have a tradition that it was taboo to marry the same last name so before we even start liking someone we had to make sure we had different last name. I thought it was universal. And when I talked to my other American friends, I would say “Ooooo~ you guys can’t date.” Later growing up to understand it was only a “Hmong” thing.

Watching movies on VCR was a big part of my childhood. But every movie I watched was all Hmong dubbed, so I thought they were actually all Hmong too, even though they were Chinese, Indian and Thai.

And while watching the movies, sometimes there would be a scene where the main characters are kid at first, and eventually when they grew up, I thought they had to wait all those years to film it again, not knowing it was completed two separate actors (a kid and adult version of 1 character.)

When I was a kid, I never thought my mom used to be a kid like me. I just thought she was an adult all her life too.

Crazy thoughts back in the day.

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