Healthy hair / hair types?

Health includes so many aspects of our lives – body and fitness, foods and vitamins, skin care and hair care, spirituality, emotional and mental growth – and many others that I might have failed to mention.

These are the main different hair types that exist. Of course there are subgroups and mixtures, but generally most people (men and women alike) fall into at least one of these categories:


Depending on your hair type, different products work for you. What works for a type 2 might not work for a type 4. This is because of how the hair is made up. The hair shafts of type 1 hair tends to lay flat, while the hair shafts of type 4 hair are lifted, and twist and coil around each other.

Type 1 typically have better growth retention because breakage is minimal (again because of how the hair shaft lies), whereas type 4 have the most breakage and is the most fragile, therefore needs higher maintenance in order to retain length.

Type 1 hair tends to grow down, with gravity. Type 4 hair grows out, in an afro.

Type 1 hair has essentially no shrinkage, whereas type 4 hair has the most, because of the coils (check this out! @ blackgirllonghair)

Most products on the market cater to type 1 hair. Product for type 4 are located in the ‘ethnic’ section (girrrrl, don’t even get me started on that word).

My hair categorizes as a 4c – the most fragile/most prone to breakage. Without proper care, it’s hard to see ladies with type 4 hair with long hair – but it sure is possible! Take a look at Razorempress @ youtube, KayDee TV @ youtube and WestAfricanBaby @ youtube.


Regardless of your hair type the common themes for hair care are:

  • Drink lots of water for moisture
  • Do protective styling
  • Cover your hair at night to prevent breakage
  • Reduce heat usage to prevent breakage
  • Use natural/organic products
  • Eat healthy – healthy hair starts from the scalp
  • Minimize product usage as MUCH as possible – less is more


Whatever your hair type is, it is BEAUTIFUL and unique! Bad hair, ugly hair etc – that doesn’t exist! Learn about it and find out what works for your hair!

What is your hair type?

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