It’s a snowday / Comics


Today its expected that DC will have a pretty bad snowstorm started around noon but picking up at about 4pm! So it’s time to stay inside and snuggle up under the sheets.

I like a good book as much as anyone, but I also read comics! Here are some of the ones I enjoy most

  1. Gunnerkrigg Court – Tom Siddel
  2. XKCD – Randall Munroe
  3. Questionable Content – Jeff Jaques
  4. Girls With Slingshots – Danielle Corseto
  5. Oglaf (NSFW) – Trudy Cooper and Doug Bane

There’s also The Meek, and the Dreamland Chronicles, but I haven’t read those in quite a while.

I really do enjoy comics though, and would like to make one someday.

Do you read comics? What are your favs? Any recommendations?


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