Interview with Kazu

Q: When did you start learning Piano?

A: I started in 5th grade. Back in the day, there were not a lot of YouTube tutorials, so I learned it by ear. But growing up, with more videos on YouTube, I was able to teach myself how to play the piano. 

Q: Why did you start playing the piano?

A: I started playing the piano because I thought it cool, then I realized that playing the piano was for myself. There are so many songs that I wanted to learn how to play.

Q: What is your favorite song to play?

A: Kingdoms of heart Passion

Q: How did learning the piano changed your life?

A: My piano is my friend. I worked and eventually saved enough to buy me a keyboard. My current keyboard is a Yamaha digital piano P-105. It’s been really good, but someday I want to buy a grand piano.

Q: Why do you think music is important?

A: Music is an escape. By listening to music, I am able to be in my own world, and while playing the piano, I feel like I’m free.

Q: What are some of the challenges to playing the piano?

A: A challenge is the hand techniques. It takes practice to press keys that are far apart and sometimes hard for one hand to play keys and another to be playing something else.

Q: What was the process for learning piano?

A: I first started learning cover songs, and mainly understanding how the key sounds. I take what I learn into making my own songs and rearranging music notes.

Here is a quick video of Kazu playing Flying to Polaris. Enjoy. 


Kazu taught himself how to play the piano was truly motivating when he did not have the resources from his family to get private lessons or buy himself a keyboard. He plays music as a hobby and continues to write his own beats.

What is one thing you wanted to learn and teach yourself?

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