Playing “House”


Nhia walks up to Pa and asks her a question.


Nhia: What are you making?

Pa: I’m making a chocolate cake.

Nhia: Yum.


Nhia: What are you making?

Mai:  papaya salad ~

Nhia: Sounds Yummy!


Nhia: What are you making? (To audience)


Nhia: Nom nom, Yum! (Slowly throwing the cake off to the side of her mouth pretending to eat it.)

This chocolate cake looks delicious, it even has flowers on it, but the frosting is a complete fail.


As a child, making a chocolate cake was easy. We didn’t have to bake it. Simply adding water and a pile of dark dirt, we made mud. Then you pat it together on top of a table and pick up the yellow dandelions for decorations. Wa laaaa~ our chocolate cake. Although making Papaya salad was a little harder.

Our mother had said, “Go pick some grass, and make sure it fills up this container.”

We listen to her. We grab the container and headed off to the field. We picked as much grass as we could in the open lot, across the street from our backyard. We had nuts, little white flowers, rocks and all sorts of little things in our field, it was indeed yummy. After gathering, we went back home to our mother, and said to her, “mother here are the ingredients.”

She laid them all out on the table, and using a thick stick she found, she mushed the grass together pretending to make papaya salad. She grabbed little of each ingredient and put them into the container. Adding water for fish sauce, sand for salt and continued making her papaya salad.

“It’s done,” She said. Let’s eat.

As little kids, we play “house.” Its where we each had a role in a family. We wanted to learn how to cook, how to be an adult, and even had the oldest kid act as our mother. We were desperate to grow up.  This was my moment where I couldn’t wait to grow up.
Have you thought about your moment, where you wished you can be an adult and do whatever you wanted?

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