Why you should journal

photo source: vital-write.files.wordpress.com

A journal could be anything from a daily record, a logbook, a tracker, etc, and can be updated in anyway you like and across any platform you like. I have three journals. One for my spiritual life, which is handwritten in a regular notebook. One for my goals which I have on Google Keep. And one for my dreams which I used to store on a private blog, but now I store on EverNote.

The benefits of journaling

For me, it helps to keep me sane :). It also helps me to keep track of the things I want to accomplish, helps me to recenter and reorganize my thoughts and gives me some level of clarity and peace. I like the thought of being able to look back and see how I’ve changed, what progress I’ve made, how my thoughts and perspectives have shifted. I can even gain some insight from my younger self (the information isn’t new, but it is FRESH, there’s a difference). And see all the prayers I have answered. I can look back and say “wow, this actually came true”.

Why handwritten?

Like I had mentioned in a previous post, something handwritten is a lot more personal and touching. I can also get a feel of how I felt on a particular day- sad, angry, happy etc… by looking at the way I write. Because my spiritual life is so important to me, I rather write it down than type it. In my opinion dreams are also spiritual, but the reason why I don’t handwrite my dreams anymore is because upon waking,  I remember my dream I want to write it down before I forget – at this point I’m half asleep – when I look at it later on in the day, I find that I don’t understand a thing I wrote and I don’t remember what I dreamt, so I cant even correct the scribbles :).


Why these different tools?

Each tool for it’s purpose, right? A regular notebook is best for handwriting. Google keep is more of a goal tracker, and I can easily check of those I’ve accomplished. Evernote is usable across all platforms, I have the app on all my devices – it’s easy to just turn my head on waking, pull up the app on my phone and Swype my dream down – no scribbles :).

This blog counts as a journal, too 🙂

Here are some useful links on journaling

Do you have any journals, and how has it benefited you?

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