Sending Postcards

A very special friend of mine sent me a new years postcard!!! Thank you! I’m so happy to receive this and I’m very touched by what you wrote 🙂

It’s such a different feeling when you get a handwritten note versus an email. Likewise, when I interviewed with for my current job, I sent all those who interviewed me a handwritten card expressing thanks – and I do think that helped me get the job in the end (thank you K College CCPD for the tip)

Getting a handwritten note is so personal and so touching – it means you really took the time to show that you care. I don’t do much card-giving, but I do quite a bit of journaling – which is handwritten. The way you write (the curve, length, angle of your letters and imprint on the paper) can tell so much about how you felt on a particular day at that point in time. I’ll actually save that discussion for another post 🙂

Refer to these posts and send a friend a handwritten postcard today!

The Forgotten Power of Handwriten Notes  – American Express

Handwritten Notes are a Rare Commodity – Harvard Business Review




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