Two Post Combined in One: Victoria and Jade

“How about we go to the market, pick out our outfits, then go to the restaurant for our favorite meal then hop on the ferry to visit our cousins, then go back to the shop,” Victoria suggested as she was super excited for today’s plan.

“Sure, but let’s also stop by the frozen yogurt place and get my favorite – mango and vanilla!!!” Jade exclaimed happily.

“No, are you crazy? It’s the middle of winter!” Victoria marched off, tucking her hands into her big warm purple coat.

“That’s why they made winter clothes Victoria!” Jade laughed, her green eyes sparkled with excitement. Jade secured her scarf around her neck as they hopped in Victoria’s car to go to the market.

As they arrived, the market was Jade’s favorite place. She can spend hours just window shopping. But on the other hand, Victoria was the type of person to pop in and pop out. “What are you thinking to buy Jade?” Victoria asked.

Jade looked thoughtfully around the market. “I know I need a new pair of thick socks for the winter because my other ones have holes in it. I was so embarrassed yesterday when I went to Kwame’s house for our study group, and I took off my shoe and there was a big hole right at the front of the left sock. And it was my favorite pair, too!” Jade huffed.

“Hahahaha.” Victoria chuckled, and optimistically replied, “I’m sure we can find them sock somewhere.” They walked around and found a mini sock shop in the marketplace. “How about this one?”

It was a nice pair of green socks with black polka dots. Long and extra thick too. “These look perfect, Victoria! And green is my favorite color. Are you going to get anything?” Jade asked her best friend.

“Yes! I need some new gloves, a dress for the ball, and nice scarf for this winter.” Victoria was super excited now even though shopping was not her thing. Jade asks, “What ball are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? It’s the Snowflake ball coming up in 3 months, and I’m on the committee, so I need a unique dress now so that I don’t end up buying a dress that every other girl is going to wear when we get closer to that date” Victoria explained. “Do you have a special someone you want to go with?” Jade asked with a smile.

“Yes, well… Maybe…. I haven’t asked him yet. He lives in Champions, but all the people in champions are intimidating. What should I do Jade? How can I ask him to the ball?” Victoria sound worried.

“Leave him a cute note in his locker” Jade suggested. “What do you think?”

“That trick never works. Someone always steals it, and I’ll become a rumor. Hmmm…. What about after school, I just talk with him. And then hand him the cute note so he will know it’s me. I’m kind of shy and so we aren’t really that close. “What do you think?”

“Sounds like a great idea, Victoria!” Jade encouraged. Jade then darted around the market and being the shopaholic that she is, in the blink of an eye she grabbed a new pair of gloves, a beautiful dress and purple scarf for Victoria.

After the long hours at the market, Jade and Victoria were hungry. Everyone gets hungry after some shopping. “What shall we eat, mate?” Victoria laughed.

“Hmm, something spicy, you pick!” Jade said. “Although I’d really like some fro-yo, too” Jade laughed.

Jade always assume Victoria to have good taste in food, but this time it was difficult. “Spicy huh?” Ahaaaa~ 麻辣香锅! Malaxiangguo, a delicious Chinese dish, known for its spiciness, and wonderful mixture of ingredients.


(Sana’s picture at a Nanjing, China Malaxiangguo restaurant) 

They went to the restaurant and were completely satisfied with the food, so they left a generous tip. One hour later, they went to catch the ferry to visit their cousins.

Jade had a huge family. There were her parents, her 6 sisters, and the triplets brothers. Her grandparents too. The cousins were even a bigger family. Jade probably had 20 cousins. Victoria felt overwhelmed by the family because she was so shy. Jade reassure her that everything was going to be fine.

“Oh look at you!” Jade’s grandma screams at the two girls as they entered the house. Victoria turns red instantly. “Please make yourself feel like home.” Grandmother softens her voice.

Victoria was so impressed with the family and the cousins. It was her first time meeting them and they welcomed her with a warm hug and kind words. Victoria felt like she was family. She was surprised because of the amount of food, music, and conversation, her time was running out quick.

Victoria and Jade’s story will also continue another day as they spend more time laughing with the grandmother. Kay and I have written this short story together and wanted to share how each person’s writing can twist and turn the focus of the story. We have much more creativity and details as to what ultimately happens to Victoria and Jade as they had planned their day but that will continue on another #weekendiswell post. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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