Camping~~~ Got to go Camping!

Don’t you just want to go and camp outside in the back yard? Or have a road trip with friends and do karaoke by the fireplace at night? When I was little, I wished I had camping trips like other families, but we never had them because there were too many kids in the family. So I saved up money, and bought my own camping tent and put it in my room. Yes, a tent in my bedroom, sleeping on the floor, and pretending I was outside on my camping trip.  Life was beautiful.

My first camping trip was in 6th grade, a weekend trip as a participant to Project Common Ground. In elementary school, students from the cities will be partnered up with students in the suburbs, exchanging pen pal letters. And this camp was to finally bring the two students together to learn and understand each other’s lifestyle, culture, and much, much more.

Camping was so fun; I made sure I can go camping again. It took a while, but it I made it back to camping in high school. Next camp was Concordia Language Villages. I became a camper twice, on Chinese immersion camp at Sen Lin Hu 森林湖. This experience was amazing, learning languages and building connections from students all over the US and with international staff. Activities like warming up in the sauna and jumping into the lake, to hosting a “pretend” Chinese wedding with other cabins, and participating in international day which brings all the other languages camp together for a big celebration was wonderful.


Do you want to go camping? Let’s go camping.



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