New Perspective



Sitting on the school bus, in middle school, I remember having a conversation with another student. We both went to the same school and rode on the same bus, but we had never talked before. He came up to me and asks me, “Is the cup half empty or half full?” I had never thought of about whether it was half empty or half full. “It’s half full”, I responded.


“No,” he argued. “It is half empty”. We spent a good half an hour arguing about different images and which one is truly the image that we are meant to see.

Little did I know, it is not about who is correct but being able to see the other image. Sometimes we need a new perspective. We cloud ourselves of overlapping thoughts and we need some light. Ask ourselves, why we think the way we do? What is the other story? What are the right questions to ask? What is my expectations? What is the end goal? Think about how you can see the other image.

Check out these other images and what do you see?





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