Pep Talk

Everyone needs a pep talk at some point. Listen to Kid President. He is just a kid, but what he says actually makes some sense. We need to create something awesome. We need the world to stop being boring. And lastly, I’m on your team, be on my team.

“The present you should do something for the future you.”  I often think about my past to my present and how to make my future better for myself. Taking small actions as planning my day out with action items, or working out at the gym can help me take myself to the next level. Doing things to make you happy is also very helpful in moving forward because it trickles down to all aspect of your life. I always make time for my Thai, Korean, Taiwanese, Bollywood and American drama, and I make time for my friends and family. I make time for myself to be active with my goals and what I am doing in the next year. I make time for fun, excitement, and adventure. What do you make your time for?

Every year, sometime in middle school to even now, I write letters to myself to remind me of how far I have come and also to give words of wisdom from past Sana. I dated the letters to myself in sometime in 1 to 5 years and when the time is here, I get to read them.

“Dear future Sana”

I would write about what I have learned in the past year, give advice to my future self, and also what challenges and goals will I have in the next year or so.

Best, Past Sana (mm/dd/yr)

Try it out and see how your present self can change your future self.


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