Maintaining friendships


If you are like me, then you are not a social butterfly and only have a few select people that you call your true friends. For me, it’s mainly because while growing up, I changed schools and houses more often than most, so I felt like as soon as I would gain a best friend it was time to leave. Therefore it became hard for me to have that feeling of attachment to someone after those experiences.

One after-effect of this is having difficulty maintaining current relationships, especially if the person(s) is not physically around me. I realized that about myself and tried to work on it, and here’s a few ways that have helped me to an extent and I hope it helps you as well! đŸ™‚

1. Reconnect with one “old” friend per week. A simple “hello, how are you” via text will do. Or if it’s way way way back, “hey, it’s Kay from blah blah class at blah blah school. It’s been a while, how are you doing?” is fine too.

2. If it’s a good friend who you used to be comfortable enough to spend the night with, plan a trip to see them!

3. If it’s a good friend who you aren’t necessarily so chummy with, if you happen to be in the same area, let them know you are in the area at least, and would like to meet up for dinner or coffee

4. Have an FB or Whats App group with the besties. It’s a nice way to keep all the important people updated on your life all at once too.

5. Weekend Skype! I usually have at least one Skype call a week with a friend. 

6. Offer your apartment/home as a place your friends can come to stay if there are in the area. 

7. Be open. I usually struggle with this. When someone asks me ” how was your day” I usually say, “fine, you?” instead of “it was interesting, I went to blah blah blah. You ever been?”. Being a bit more detailed helps the conversation (of course). I just have to remind myself to be a bit more warm đŸ™‚
Do you have any other tips on how you maintain your friendships?

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