Haiku (5-7-5 syllable)

Decisions are hard
Every day we make choices
And we move forward

It is difficult
and it can be life changing
but be confident

Choices are options
Have dinner, or skip a meal?
Have some snacks or fruits?

Big choices or small
A decision will be made
From food to career

Often we will think
That life is complicated
but it is simple

Hope and believe in
everything will fall in place
and all will be well

Making choices can be the simplest thing or the most complicated thing. If you need to make decisions about what to eat, where to go, who to hang out with, this is considered easy. If you need to make choices for where to go to school for the next two to four years, what to study, what kinds of job would you like, where to move, whether to get married, these are more complicated decisions.

Here are five things I think about when I am indecisive because sooner or later I still have to make a choice.

  1. Decide my end goal
  2. What is the time frame?
  3. Rate how important it is
  4. How is it going to change my life or the people who are important to me?
  5. Will it make me happy?

And also sometimes we get to make choices, but sometimes choices are made for us.

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