Hit them Birdies!

Badminton! I can’t start to explain how much I love playing badminton. I have been playing for 9 years and would love to continue this amazing activity. Shout out to badminton players out there and people who are interested in learning.

My first day of badminton started out in freshman year of high school joining the C Squad of the badminton team. I did not know how to serve, hit a birdie (also known as a shuttlecock) or hold a racket. Every day I was training to become a badminton player, and over time I got better and better. In College, I was able to become President of the Badminton Club at Kalamazoo College and was able to teach beginners basic skills twice a week.

Badminton made me love sports and allowed me to be more proactive in my life. I welcome you to try it out and see if badminton can be your next hobby. Enjoy! 

Links to: How to play Badminton.

And links to rules


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