Childhood Memories are the Best!

Hit the can! Hit the can! “Please shoe, will you just hit the can?” I threw my one shoe, “blop!”

Oh man~ I missed.

It’s my turn to be the goalie now. I walked over, picked up my shoe, and tossed it to the side. “Alright, I can do this.” No one ever wanted to be the goalie. All the kids were laughing and excited to throw their shoes at the soda can. While they were standing in a straight line for their turn, I was getting ready to get the can when it gets hit and, put it back into its place before the shoe hitter gets the shoe and runs back in line.

“Come on Charlie, throw the shoe.” Clink! The can went flying. “I got it!” I scream. I grabbed the can super quick and placed it in its place, but NO~~~ all the kids were laughing out loud. Nope, I was too slow. Charlie had already grabbed his shoe and ran back in line before I had put the can back. I still had to be a goalie.

“Alright, I said. Vanessa came up next. Clink! I ran after the can as fast as I could. This time, I really got it! My face changed instantly into a smile. I ran to the back of the line, feeling proud, I was no longer goalie.

Hit the can or this one weird game we would play outside, still makes me want to be a kid again. Growing up in a neighborhood of kids and a backyard, we didn’t have a lot of things to do. My mother always locked us in the house because she couldn’t watch us play outside, but we snuck out anyway.

This is a short memoir of a part of my childhood. Playing’ Hit the Can with siblings and neighbors was enough to make me feel happy. Maybe you can think back to the good old days and be a kid again. Live a little and have some fun.

kid again.jpg

 Huffington Post listed out 6 ways to make you feel like a kid again!

And check out Diggy’s blog!

“That’s the real problem with the world; too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be twelve years old again.”    

Walt Disney


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