Being grateful for the innocence of my earliest memories

It was a sunny morning. With my head bent over the sink, I can remember the smell of that orange coloured shampoo. A beautiful figure, her hair parted and braided in two cornrows, stood behind me and massaged the orange soap into my scalp and was scrubbing my hair clean. “Turn yuh head” she said in a thick Caribbean accent as she twisted it towards the left. I lifted my eyes and saw the sun shining bright outside and it’s rays coming through the window.

This is a story of my mommy washing my hair. This is my very first memory ever of living in the UK. I lived in England for 4 years (from the age of 2 months to 4 years) before moving back to Jamaica.  I’m sure I must have been standing on a stool or something to get to the sink – I was so young I don’t think I was tall enough yet. I honestly don’t know if my mom was wearing that hairstyle, but I know that it was her signature hairstyle at the time – so much so I’m 90% sure that’s what she was wearing.

We were in a white house in a somewhat isolated neighborhood. Inside the house was the coat rack and a long hallway – poorly lit. My mother grabbed my jacket, which was either pink or orange, as well as my sister’s and dressed us warmly. We stepped outside and the whole ground was filled with this shockingly white substance which coated every where…roofs, trees, the entire road, the driveway, and the air was soooo cold.

This is a story of my very first memory of snow while living in the UK. I can remember little chunks of living there….I only have very few memories of this time, next week I will share two more.

When I think of my childhood & memories from that time, I remember it being very innocent, like these two memories here, and generally happy. I can honestly say I’ve been blessed with a great childhood … and not everyone is able to say that. That’s why I have to be grateful for the small things – I have two hands and two feet, I am alive and have food to eat. #simplifiedliving #beinggrateful.

What are your first memories? What are you grateful for?


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