Thailand! Or as we called it “thaib teb”


A country I have yet to go and explore. Here is why I want to go to Thailand! My family journey to the United States started in Laos. They decided to come to America, the land of opportunities and to change their life. After the Vietnam War had destroyed most of their homes and they had nothing left, the decision to sacrifice their life for my family was no longer a decision to make but rather, “We are moving to America.” Thailand was our new home. We had heard of the refugee’s camps and that the US was going to take us to America if you made it to the camps. As both of my grandfathers were soldiers in the war, we knew we had to come because it was our only way to feel safe.

Thailand was not just a home to my parents as they lived there for 5 years. It was education opportunity, a community and the place where I was born. My mother was pregnant with a set of twins. Due to her pregnancy, we were delayed in our journey and had to wait until we were born.

That day, January 5th, my mother was rushed to the nearest hospital in a city called Chonburi.  I was born as a premature baby and had to be in the hospital for months.   Thailand was a place I felt I never had a connection to, but as my mother describe it, it was a land of beauty, smiles of sweetness and more beautiful than the United States, she said. I was always inspired by her stories in Thailand and wanted to go back. I moved to the US when I was a baby and had no recollection of Thailand.

Growing up watching Thai Drama lakorn all the time, I knew I had to go there someday. I wanted to see Chonburi, to see the lifestyles of the Thai, and to learn more about their culture.

Here is a link to Chonburi, if you do not know where it is and want to learn more.

According to TripAdvisor Thailand is known for resort too!

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort


Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort


And here are recommendations for Thai Drama, if you have never watch it before. One of my favorite couples and Thai Drama

Nadech and Yaya! in the drama called:

4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao65789_117362181657204_105242676202488_127116_3779561_n.jpg


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