Birthday Travels to Laos?

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And today this post is in her honour. I’d like to go to Laos someday – with her of course, simply because she has roots there, and she is my best bud and I’d like to know all aspects of her.  And we’ve travelled abroad together before to Beijing for all of 6months we put up with each other and I wouldn’t trade that for anything – so I’m sure a trip to Laos would be just as fun. LOVE YOU!

**Top Ten things to do in Laos.**

Lao food is traditionally eaten with sticky rice using fingers. In the countryside, people all eat as family style, sitting on the floor, sharing a few dishes. Lao traditional food is dry, spicy and very delicious based on fish, buffalo meat, pork, poultry and especially herbs. – TourismLaos

Fast Facts from Interesting Facts

Official Name: Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Capital: Vientiane (locally known as Viangchan)
Official Language: Lao
Other Languages: French, English and various ethnic languages
Demonym: Lao or Laotian
Religion: Buddhism (predominant), Christian and Others
Legislature: Unicameral National Assembly
Independence: 19 July 1949
Republic Day: 2 December 1975
Constitution: 14 August 1991
Area: 236,800 sq km
Population: 6.4 million (UN, 2010)
Currency: Kip
National Animal: Elephant

Pha That Luang – gold-covered large Buddhist stupa in the centre of Vientiane, Laos


  1. YAY! This is awesome! I was just in Laos a few weeks ago and it’s an absolutely beautiful country with even more beautiful people! I hope you get a chance to go soon!! xx


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