Power of Writing

My blogging experience started on my first day of college. I use blogging as a way to express. How did it start? At the time I was sparked by the 3 C’s. “You need to make a Choice to take a Challenge to make a Change.” I knew I wanted to make a change because college was very new to me, I just didn’t know how to.  So I listed my options and made a choice. My choice was to create a blog and to take a challenge to keep writing.

Sometimes I write in my journal, and other times I blogged it out.

One inspirational writer and host, named Srinivas Rao took a challenge. He wrote 1000 words a day. Check out this article on how writing 1000 words a day changed his life and hope this can change yours as well.

Srinivas Rao’s 1000 Words Challenge

Below are my 1000 words

Another short story, it is!

“I like you”, was the name of the castle where the beautiful and eloquent princess lived with her frogs. She had mid-length auburn hair as soft as silk, deep-set green eyes of wonder, and a certain way with words that could charm the ‘ribbit’ out of any frog. Her favorite frog was named Robbie. He was very ugly! He was fat, his water-permeable skin made deep folds over his face, and his black eyes were big and bulging. But, he is also very smart. His best talent was speaking fluent and effortless Chinese. “NI HAO!” But all the other frogs laughed at Robbie because he was a Chinese nerd. This made him really mad, so one day he bought a pair of rainbow striped suspenders and wore it to show how special he was. He chose rainbow to signify power, promise, and enlightenment. Robbie was also good at singing, so it made the others frog more jealous. He sang most nights for the princess and was a happy frog. Usually, he would be perched on a lily pad and croak all his passion into a crescendo, and ribbit all his tears and hurt and pain from when the other frogs teased him into a beautiful watery symphony. When he was done, overcome with emotion, he would blow a kiss to the princess and hop away.

One day he was walking with his rainbow striped suspenders and fell off a cliff and was approached by a rock band. The rock band had a lead singer named Ribbit Richard, a lead guitarist named Cruisin’ Carl and a lead drummer named Beats Boy. Overpowered by the passion of rock, they kidnapped him and had evil plans, but was overcome by his hideous appearance and out of fear decided to make him king. He enjoyed listening to rock music although he preferred singing pop music. A king, Robbie’s first order of business was to create Rock-Rap (Double R genre). He used his Chinese and added in rap lyrics to the rock songs and it became the new hit in town. They were known as King Robbie and the Rockies. Robbie was so proud that he really thought he can be king, but, out of nowhere, he suddenly felt a splash on his face. He woke up to see the other frogs teasing him, then he finally realized, it was all a dream.

Robbie woke up disappointed because he thought he would be free from his friends and all the teasing by being able to create new songs, adding in rock, rap, and Chinese and becoming famous with his hardcore team of Rockies. He went to find the princess, as it was his time to sing for her, and the thought of pleasing her the best way he could put him at ease. All the other frogs were excited because today was the big day for the princess, but Robbie, since he was asleep for most of the day, had no idea.

The prince from the “I really like you” castle had asked for the princess’ hand in marriage. He was a formidable man, with big strong arms made of steel, as tall as a beanstalk, and with hair so thick it could keep you warm all winter long! He also had a smile that warms the heart. But his eyes were sinister and scary. One glare from the prince, if he is angry, would make you pee your pants, immediately.

Today was the day the princess decides her future. Robbie was hopping along hoping to try out his new song as he had a dream about it. He believed the dream was a sign that he can please the princess.  

“Where is the princess?” Robbie wondered.

Where is she? He panicked.

He strolled along the “I like you” castle and still no sight of the princess. He looked in the closet, in the bathroom, under the big pink bed, and in the kitchen. While in the kitchen the chefs were talking about the dishes for tonight’s event, they mention the princess was out of the castle. Robbie was surprised. He marched out of the “I like your castle.”

Since the “I like you” Castle was surrounded by a forest, it felt like home to him. He walked with great confidence and down the path he went. Many creatures along the way were afraid of him because he was so ugly, they thought he was a mess-up alien with a powerful voice to blow people away. But he was just singing his songs, in hope, the Princess will hear him.

“Woah, and ribbit” He saw what you think he did. A sign of his beautiful princess. Her shoe was on the path. And no, she is not like Cinderella with the missing shoe, instead, this was her magical shoes. he panicked. He wondered if something happened to her. Isn’t it strange that her magical shoe would just be lying here? Millions of thoughts flew through his head. He picked it up and carried it on his fat back and walked as quickly as he can to catch up with her. Since carrying his own weight made him tired, carrying the shoe sure made him absolutely weary and out of breath. He rested on the nearest branch to catch a quick breath. Suddenly the slowest turtle came along. His name was Tim the Turtle, he was always friendly and kind.

“Where ya off too?” He asked Robbie.

“I must …make it ….to the… end of this ….path” Robbie exhaustedly stuttered, in between breaths.

Being the generous person he is, Tim was nice enough to offer a ride for Robbie. Robbie took the offer and sat on the great shell.


Robbie heard someone crying. It must be the princess, he thought! Oh no! Has something happened? In his mind, he came up with several scenarios that almost drove him mad with anticipation and worry.

“Please Tim, if you can, hurry!” Robbie pleaded.

Then Robbie looked and suddenly saw something strange and incomprehensible.

That’s all for now, Chap 2 will continue on another day. Hope you enjoy this story.

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