This is a popular dish to eat back home in Jamaica – typical breakfast – green banana and ackee and saltfish, especially on the weekend. This is also the national dish of Jamaica.

This does count as a pescetarian meal. (And vegetarian/vegan if you replace the saltfish with tofu.) If you have ‘diet change’ or something similar on your list of goals this year, here’s a ‘clean’ dish you can try.

Yes, banana can be eaten ripe (yellow) or unripe (green).

Ackee, on the other hand, cannot.

ackee_fruitAckee is a fruit that is known to  be poisonous, but actually – it’s not – It’s only poisonous if it’s eaten from an unopened pod (meaning it is unripe). In any case it’s a hard task to pry the unformed ackee from an unopened pod – the pod itself is not easy to open if it hasn’t opened on it’s own!

This is what I made the other day:

Refer to this video on how to make this lovely dish:

What are your favorite dishes?

– K

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