Short Story

Long ago, I wrote a short story with a friend and it has yet to be published. As we each wrote a couple of sentences, a story was written. Hope you find this story to be a great read and a spark to your creativity.

Short Story: Adventures of Georgia

Written: 4/18/2014

People call me Gloria but really, my name is Georgia.
I come from a big family of 10 children. Last year I decided to run away from home.

I was standing by the roadside and met a man in a pick-up truck. He said ‘get in’. I looked at him. He looked at me. I look at him. The back door slowly opened and I opened my eyes wide to what I saw.

The world isn’t how I thought it is. Big family made me realized I had somebody. But this man was not like the ones from my community. There was a big family in there alright. The truck was full of beautiful women, they were offering me food and drinks.  I thought to myself…

That I should get in! I jumped in and ate all my favorite foods and danced and laughed and tickled people and sang and had the best time ever. Then something unique happened…

The truck started moving. I started to worry but since I ate all the yummy food, I felt I had to stay. It was a unique experience indeed. The beautiful women strip off my clothes and drew colorful designs on my body. I was now one of them. I didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Then we went to a faraway place which turned out to be a fancy pink and green castle. On entering there were all kinds of creatures such as Oompa Loompas, hobgoblins and trolls, beautiful fairies and fairy dust. I was wondering if I was a dream.

The beautiful women told me if I take a bath in the pond outside the castle I would possess powers. I can ask for anything I want. My wish will be grant under one condition. I cannot leave the castle. As I arrived at the pond, the fairy asked me what I wanted. Hmm…

I thought of my family and the people who I was with. I wondered for a long time what I wanted. I told the fairy finally that I wanted happiness. Then I stepped in the pond for a bath. As I washed with the crystal clear water it sparkled in the sun, droplets of glistening water rose and fell on my skin and made me glow.

Some say life is all about happiness. But sometimes I wonder if happiness was for me. Although I had asked for happiness, I also had felt sad. I didn’t want myself to be happy, but the people I loved as well. It made me wonder if being happy by myself was the true thing I wanted.

Then I realize that it was. And that’s all that mattered.

While living in the castle and eating all the good food, I quickly made a lot of friends, the Oompa Loompas was my favorite. He was so funny, always made my day. With his chubby cheek and clumsiness, he became not only my funny friend but made me understand laughter.

Then the King of d castle was looking for a queen. Because I danced d best, he wanted me. But I didn’t love him la! What to do?

The king was a tall, handsome man, with a kind heart. He was the perfect man, he gave all the things I could ask for and most importantly he gave me his heart.
Oompa Loompas told me to reconsider and as funny as he is, he said: love is a funny story!

So I came up with a logical plan. We would have 3 months to date/find true love. If I didn’t find true love, or if I fell in love with him over 3 months, I would marry him and become Queen. Otherwise, I would leave the castle forever.

But Oompa Loompas didn’t agree. He said I already found happiness and that it’s was forbidden to leave the castle after taking a bath in the pond. He thinks I can learn to love the king. And that being queen was is not a bad thing. Everyone wants to become queen.

I tried to convince them that if I went into a loveless marriage I would be unhappy. But then they reminded me that I have already been granted happiness by the fairy, and this must be one of the ways in which I will be happy. So I agreed to marry the King.

The story isn’t finished as it was written on a bus ride. Who knows what happened to Georgia but we will wait and see. #loveoompaloopas

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