New Year’s Resolutions – cliche or naw?

Happy/blessed new year to all!

If you’d like to see how the world celebrated the new year, see New Year’s Eve 2015 – courtesy of Telegraph news

Now, for those who have made a pledge on this faithful day to go to the gym, or to eat healthier, or to be a better person or some other cliche, I’m sorry to break it to ya…

It’s 99% not gonna happen.

Unless you have a plan to go with your claim of course!

Most people end up going to the gym super pumped on Monday, and super humped on Friday ready to give up REAL QUICK. The reason why such goals are so ‘cliche’ is because PEOPLE FOCUS TOO MUCH ON THE DAY RATHER THAN THE GOAL.

To be honest, if you have a goal planned for January 1, you really should have started two weeks prior (because its takes roughly 14 days to build a habit), therefore when the new year starts you already got through the initial struggle and have a routine. Even more reason not to focus on the day.

BUT ANYWAYS. Here’s what I imagine people think when they make new year reh-show-looshuns:

“Omg I need a resolution quick before midnigggght comes! I promise on my life I’ll do to it, except I won’t”

“Zomg everybody and their mother has a resolution and I don’t, I’m so lame”

“Omfg all my friends have such lame resolutions so I also need a lame resolution that I know I’m not gonna stick to by week threeeeee”’

I’d like to leave you with these 6 simple tips for the serious folks:

  1. Don’t make your goal all about January 1. Make sure it’s a goal you can do/make at any time of the year.
  2. It’s OK not to have a new year resolution. Keep calm and relax! Everything in it’s time. If you don’t have a legit resolution, take some time to think about the things you want to accomplish in life. Heyyyy, don’t take a whole year to make a decision though! Make a small goal and do something about it.
  3. MAKE A PLAN, WRITE IT DOWN. For every single goal you have, write it down and make a plan. So saying ‘this year I want to eat healthier’ is not enough. Make sure you have a day by day structure on what you are going to eat. And make sure you write that ish down, ’cause there’s no way you are gonna remember 7 or 14 or 30 or 365 days of recipes and meal choices, #obviously.
  4. Make realistic daily action items – make them actually achievable. If you know you can’t do 50 squats (especially if you haven’t worked out since Michael Jackson died), then, don’t decide to do 50 squats on the first day (unless you got them thunder legs that never left and you can handle it then more power to ya!). Start small and build up.
  5. If you fail after a week or so as most people do, don’t be a party pooper and give up so easy – where is your passion? Re-evaluate your schedule, and reduce your daily actionable items if you have to, and get going again! It’s ok to start over because your resolution is not all about January 1!
  6. Repeat! When you find something that works, well, don’t fix what’s not broken! Keep it up and keep going! I mean, why not? You’re on your way to a better you! Eggs-cellent!


Lastly, here’s a ‘feel good’ gospel song….dedicated to those who have something good inside of them and ready to unleash it this year regardless of their situation & to those who are trying to do something with their lives regardless of what the world says. What’s your ‘hood’? What are your current goals?


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